about me

From a young age, I was raised to appreciate nature. I would collect small pebbles, pinecones, and seashells, taking them home with me. At home, my mother had a small collection of gemstones. I believe that's where the foundation for my love of nature and natural gemstones was formed.

I've always had a desire to start something of my own, a venture where I could explore and develop my creativity. This longing and passion for nature and gemstones have merged into MOOON Crystals. However, it took several years before MOOON Crystals truly took flight. This journey has already become a beautiful path of personal growth, one that I am far from completing, but one that will surely continue to challenge me.

I invite you to be part of this journey with me.

With love and gratitude,
Diana x.


MOOON Crystals embodies the essence of the moon, which has such a profound influence on our planet and everything within it. It’s rhythmic cycles guide the tides, stirs the currents within us, invoking a sense of connection and harmony with the universe. The moon's gentle radiance whispers secrets of transformation and renewal, inspiring us to embrace our own cycles of growth and reflection.

The moon infuses the crystals with it’s celestial energy to enhance the energetic properties of the crystal.

You might wonder why it's spelled with three "O's". Three is a magical number, embodying creativity, manifestation, and divine inspiration. The number 3 reminds us that beauty, transformation, and abundance can manifest when mind, body, and spirit are aligned.
It is believed that all good things come in threes. This age-old saying suggests that positive events, opportunities, or outcomes often occur in groups of three. The idea behind this belief is that a trio represents a perfect balance and completeness, giving rise to a powerful and favorable manifestation.

At MOOON Crystals, you will find beautiful high-quality gemstones, mindfully sourced treasures from Mother Nature herself

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